Boarding Schools in Rajasthan

Best Boarding Schools in Rajasthan

Want to give your child the best education? But suffering due to unnecessary traveling to school on a daily basis? Is your ward not able to study properly at home? Therefore are you looking for boarding schools in Rajasthan? If yes, then keep reading the article to find the best CBSE boarding school in Rajasthan!

Nowadays, every parent wants to give their children the best education. And to do this they make their child join different coachings so they can prepare for various exams like JEE, NEET, CLAT etc. But the problem arises when the child is a boarder and can’t travel for coaching on a daily basis or the child is getting coaching but can’t live in a proper boarding school so that he can focus properly on studies. You must be wondering then what is the solution? You want your child to focus on studies by letting them be a part of the Best Boarding schools in Rajasthan and also want them to get coaching, then Shiv Jyoti School of Kota is your answer.

Shiv Jyoti School is one of the most famous boarding schools in Kota Rajasthan. Shiv Jyoti School is a co-educational school affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education. It was founded in 1982. (CBSE). Shiv Jyoti Convent School is managed by Shiv Jyoti Education Group. It is one of the greatest CBSE schools in Kota. Its purpose is to create a stimulating atmosphere that can be replicated. It promotes children to cultivate their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities.

The school has been recognised by the Central Board of Secondary Education for a long period. This school has a strong academic track record and is one of Rajasthan’s top-rated institutions.

What are the top facilities that one should look for in a Boarding school?

 Boarding Rooms: SHIV JYOTI features a comfortable hostel with air-conditioned rooms. Rooms with enough lighting and ventilation are provided. Water and electricity are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with backup. Wardens who are well-trained and friendly are on hand to look after the pupils and offer them a comfortable environment.

  1. Emergency Medical Aids: Medical services and on-site doctors are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the hostel. Students who are ill are transported in an ambulance. The youngsters are kept in a secure and safe atmosphere in the doctor’s office.


Shiv Jyoti Boarding school Rajasthan

2. Entertainment: It’s simple to learn when you’re having fun. When the students are staying in this schools’ hostels, they make sure students are happy and feel at home. To ensure this, they offer a variety of events in the evenings, such as show your talent, weekly outings, outdoor movie sessions, DJ parties, festival celebrations, and so on, so that they can enjoy these years and cherish these memories for the rest of their lives.

3. Sunday Clan: At this boarding school of Rajasthan, Sunday is also a productive day. They organize various hobby clubs for classes so that they can best develop their hobbies based on their preferences. Every Sunday, qualified tutors teach two-hour classes. Hostel students are divided into numerous clubs, where they can pursue their interests and hobbies with other students who share those interests. They are given a suitable platform to showcase their natural abilities.

4. Reading Room: The reading room is an important part of every student’s academic success. Every hostel at this CBSE boarding school of Rajasthan features a private reading area for those who want to read, learn late at night, or study in silence.

5. Salon Facility: This school with a hostel provides all students with access to the bar. Students can obtain a haircut based on their turns.

6. Laundry Service: On the school grounds of this best boarding school in Rajasthan, there is a large laundry that manages all of the students’ daily uniforms and other clothing. A strong emphasis is placed on cleanliness, which is critical for maintaining a healthy environment.

7. General Store Facility: Another important element of the schools’ hostel is the provision of a general store, which sells stationery, general items, printing services, and other personal items.

8. Evening Sports Class: Schools’ Hostel evenings are at the heart of the student’s residential experience. Every day in the evening, expert instructors train kids in specific sports based on their preferences.

9. Guided Evening Class: Self-study is the most effective technique to dispel your doubts. During their hostel stay, students do not need to go elsewhere for personal concerns. In the evenings, well-qualified and experienced teachers are available at the schools’ hostel.

10. Well Trained Wardens: Trained staff members, including a housemistress and a housemaster, as well as a variety of support workers, are entrusted with the children’s well-being and ensuring that their requirements are addressed.

11. Indoor Energisers: The finest moment for children is when they are playing with their buddies. Children can participate in a variety of indoor activities at the hostel. Chess, carom, table tennis, and other games are available in the hostel.

12. Yoga and Meditation: Yoga, meditation, and aerobics have their place at this boarding school in Rajasthan, providing a perfect solution for making pupils adaptable, confident, reducing stress and anxiety, and having more energy.

13. Weekly Outings: The school hostels are buzzing with activity, especially on weekends, which are usually marked by outdoor picnics. Every second and fourth Sunday, students go out for weekend fun.

Shiv Jyoti Boarding school provides all these facilities to its boarders.

This best CBSE boarding school in Kota, Rajasthan helps your child to shape their future better by letting them overall growth through their boarding concept. Shiv Jyoti School comes under top boarding Schools in India.

You might be wondering what is the fee of the best boarding school, Rajasthan?

Class 1 to 5 

Tuition fee+Hostel fee 198000/-

Class 6th to 10th

Tuition fee+Hostel fee 207000/-

Class 11th and 12th

Tuition fee+Hostel fee 225000/-

These fees can be paid in 5 instalments. Please call us at 9351994999 for any enquiry.

This boarding school in Rajasthan has separate hostels for boys and girls. The school with hostel concept aids students in becoming responsible and healthy adults.


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