To connect our students with Culture and tradition that boosts up moral and ensures more spirituality among kids, our school celebrates all the festive occasions to make sure that students participate with great enthusiasm.


The school’s celebration of Dandiya and Ravan Dahan was a vibrant and culturally rich event that brought together students, teachers, and staff in a joyous atmosphere filled with colors, music, and tradition. The Dandiya celebrations kicked off with rhythmic beats of music filling the air, inviting everyone to join in the energetic and lively dance. The highlight of the event was the Ravan Dahan ceremony, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. Throughout the celebration, the students not only enjoyed the festivities but also imbibed the values of unity, culture, and the significance of the traditions associated with these festivals.


Our school achieving a national record on Yoga Day is a momentous achievement that reflects dedication, unity, and commitment to health and well-being—the day celebrated harmony and balance, where the school community came together to showcase their prowess in yoga, fostering a culture of mindfulness and physical wellness. Under the guidance of skilled yoga instructors or perhaps the school’s proficient yoga teachers, participants engaged in various yoga poses and exercises. From serene meditation practices to challenging asanas, every movement echoed a commitment to achieving mental peace, physical strength, and emotional stability.


Shiv Jyoti Convent School held the Mahalaxmi as a part of cultural or religious events, aiming to instill spiritual values and promote the significance of traditions among students. It involves prayers, chanting of mantras, offerings to the sacred fire, and community participation. The Mahalaxmi Yagya is a sacred ritual dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Yagya is a ritual performed in Hinduism that involves making offerings to the sacred fire (Agni) to seek blessings, purification, and positive energy. The Yagya is often conducted with Vedic hymns and rituals, invoking the presence and blessings of Goddess Mahalaxmi. The Yagya serves as an opportunity for students to learn about Hindu rituals, customs, and the importance of seeking blessings for prosperity and well-being.


Lush grass, blue skies, fresh air and rippling streams. Let’s create a world of Green dreams! In an Endeavour to encourage the students to reflect on what they are doing and what they can do to make our planet more sustainable, Earth Day is celebrated with enthusiasm at Shiv Jyoti. The little hands sow seeds to plant saplings and water them to do their bit as environmentally conscious citizens. This celebration not only enhances their socio-emotional and fine motor skills but also creates a generation full of nature lovers!


A birthday is the first day of the 365 days full of happiness, love and fun! The Birthday Celebrations of our toddlers have always been the most endearing event for us, filled with the cutest memories. The birthday room is decorated with balloons and the toddlers are warmly welcomed with their parents and grandparents. They rejoice in their favorite day of the year with their peers and are blessed by their beloved teachers. So, put on your birthday caps, get the cake ready, and pop some party poppers as we wish all our toddlers, a very Happy Birthday!


We truly believe that instilling a feeling of patriotism in the little hearts at a tender age plays a very crucial role in creating model responsible citizens. Thus, on Independence Day, the Tricolor fills the air with the majestic unfurling of the flag. The toddlers sing patriotic songs as well as learn the importance of this day in the history of the free India.


A sibling’s love is like blossoms in the garden of life, a forever promise of love and support. RakshaBandhan is an auspicious occasion to cherish sibling bonds tied with the sacred thread of love and care. Fostering the traditional values associated with this festival, our students celebrate the day with unparalleled joy.


The teachers at Shiv Jyoti leave no stone unturned to groom the children with utmost love and care. Teacher’s Day is that time of the year when the children innocently express their gratitude to the teachers for being their best friend, guide and a second parent. However, the cutest part of the day is when they present handmade cards to their beloved teachers.


‘HathiGhodaPalki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal ki!’ This is a time when Shiv Jyoti turns into Vrindavan and witnesses the leela of Lord Krishna. The little ones don the roles of Lord Krishna &Radha spreading a traditional vibe in the premises. They get together for a pooja, rock the decorated cradle of ‘Laddu Gopal’ and play flutes with their unmatched cuteness.


Ganpati Bappa Morya! Mangal Murti Morya! How cute is it to hear echo this chant throughout the day on Ganesh Chaturthi! On this auspicious occasion, the students gather to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha with a special pooja. They perform dances on devotional songs and learn about the ten days festival commencing from ‘GanpatiSthapna’ to ‘Visarjan’. And, who doesn’t love ladoos and modaks? The teachers distribute sweets to the Shivjyotians and bless to always be happy and become successful in future.


A time to conquer evil with good and welcome each day with love! There is no better time than Dussehra to bring to life the glorious mythology of Ramayana and introduce the students to stories, traditions, and customs associated with it. Our toddlers turn into Lord Rama who defeats Ravana with all their strength and return to Ayodhya with happiness. They learn about how being good and truthful can help conquer any battle in life!


The echoes of the chants, the colours of the rangoli, the light of diyas and scent of sweets.. It’s a Happy Diwali at SHIV JYOTI. How the little ones love to sprinkle colours to make rangoli and light diyas in the entire castle! The sparkly dresses of the Shivjyotians add to the festive spirit of the day. They commence the day with a Lakshmi pooja along with their teachers. After which, they perform dances and participate in a lot of activities to celebrate essence of one of our favourite festivals!


“Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons!” – Jerry Smith At SHIV JYOTI, our first priority is to ensure that we flourish every toddler’s childhood with love, laughter and happiness. It ought to be to most treasured time of their lives and on Children’s Day, we simply walk that extra mile to let them know how special they are! The premises are decorated with balloons and the students are welcomed with warm hugs. They celebrate the spirit of childhood to fullest and also receive heaps of blessings from the honorable dignitaries and teachers.


It’s that time of the year, the Christmas carnival is so near. It’s a day of love, sharing and giving, with bells and lights and tinsel, Let’s celebrate the memories worth reliving! With the ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ arrives the Santa in town for Christmas to celebrate a year full of happiness and welcome a new year with new hopes and dreams. Our Christmas Carnival is one such grand celebration where happy children have a gala time! A lot of games and food stalls are put up to provide them an unforgettable euphoric experience. To ensure entertainment to the fullest special activities are organised, dances are presented and magic shows are also hosted to captivate the children


It’s a united country, a fusion of vivid languages and a proud flag, that aided the rise of India as a sovereign democratic ‘Republic’. Hailing the glory of this wonderful country, the toddlers celebrate the very spirit of patriotism on Republic Day. Not only do they strengthen their respect for the national flag, but also chant the anthem in their cute voices. The skies are filled with tricolors always and patriotic songs are played throughout the day which truly endorses that India is the most beautiful and zesty country to live in!


Pichkari ki dhar, gulal ki bauchar, apno ka pyar, yehi hai Holi ka tyohar! Celebrating the colours of childhood, we love to paint the town with all vibrant hues every Holi. Our cute Shivjyotians truly look forward to celebrating the fun-filled festival of Holi at school. They simply love to play with fragrant floral colours along with their peers and warmly greet ‘Happy Holi’ to everyone. They are also educated about the precautionary measures to be taken while playing Holi. It is always the most cherished and colourful festival for all of them!


Fun Fiesta offers a huge range of fun activities spread over 40-50 stalls. The Fiesta aims at bringing students, parents & teachers together by breaking the bridge between them and opening new gates for interpersonal relationships between the three important stakeholders of the school. The carnival also witnesses flash mobs, food stalls & a lot of games. It makes the children forget about their worries and enjoy for a whole day without any academic pressure. Moreover, it also gives them a break from the monotonous routine of studies. Thus, it is the most anticipated me of the year.


The Science fair is a complete event, hosted by schools worldwide. The distinguishing characteristic of a science fair is that project entries employ the scientific method to test a hypothesis. Science fairs are not exhibits or mere displays of projects. Students present their science project results in the form of a report, display board, and/or models that they have created. Science fairs allow students in elementary, middle, and high schools to compete in science and/or technology activities. The goal of a science fair is for students to answer a question based on a hypothesis. Students then work on science fair projects in addition to their school work. Therefore, most science fair entries are usually modified versions of existing experiments. Display boards help communicate the nuances of a project to science fair judges, visitors, and other entrants


“A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
Our moo is to create leaders of tomorrow and there is a special ceremony that turns it into reality. For us, Investure Ceremony is not just about providing titles, but about conferring responsibilities to the students, to take charge of the school and take it to the height they desire with their leadership and decision-making skills, communication, and teamwork. At this ceremony, a school prefectorial board is formed for scrutinous interviewing and selection which gives them a feel of the functioning of an official administrative body. The selected students are honored with their respective badges such as Head Girl, Head Boy, Sports Captain, and the student council members take an oath to faithfully work for the school. Our Chairperson also encourages them to put in honest efforts for every endeavor and become an inspiration for others.


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