Homely Kitchen (Mess)

The kitchen is homely with all modern gadgets. We try to give the kitchen and dining hall a feeling of home which is a challenge that requires much effort and consideration to ensure that students don’t feel home-sick. The students are served with hot, fresh, healthy & nutritious food. All workers in the kitchen wear neat and clean uniforms and caps. The entry of the students and staff is not permitted so as to keep hygienic conditions in the kitchen. Special care is taken in cleaning and drying utensils. After cooking the food, the floor of the kitchen is cleaned with a disinfectant. Faculty members supervise the eating habits and table etiquette of students. We pride ourselves on the quality of food we serve. Nutritional value of food is the basis for catering to the children’s taste. Fruits and milk from a rich supplement to the daily diet The students are given instructions to eat everything in proper proportion


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