Why Day boarding

Comprehensive and holistic education through a developmental approach is the need of the hour. For a system of education to be considered wholesome it is imperative that games and sports occupy prominent place in the school curriculum. Like-wise, co-curricular activities leading to creative activities pursued happily for rest and relaxation on regular basis go a long way in contributing to the wholesomeness of education. To add all this in a day's time-table, it becomes important for a student to spend longer hours in the school.

Thus a day boarding approach provides children with a 360 degree educational experience. This has been created so that a child looks upon school as a second home. A day boarding school with long hours provides opportunity to the children to complete their academic work during the school hours. Moreover they get ample time to play and learn new activities and groom their personality.

Another point where our day boarding school vastly differs from other schools is that the student-teacher ratio is kept within manageable limits, so that even the shy, withdrawn and diffident students feel encouraged to clarify their doubts and interact with the teacher. This enables each teacher to reach out and help a child understand the curriculum, enjoy learning and allied activities during the school hours.